"You Win Because of Your Gear!" || Escape from Tarkov Highlights

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I dipped my toes into the EFT subreddit for the first time the other day, sharing my opinion on all the complaining from players some new and some who have been playing for some time, claiming that without the very best gear/guns/ammo/armor it’s impossible to win fights and get gear yourself.

I posted a clip of me sneaking up on a couple of dudes in nighttime factory, when I was level 1 with the starter pistol. Killed them both and got out with a couple sets of night vision and some pretty nice stuff. This clip was mostly for the meme, but the response I got on my first time in the subreddit was pretty unanimous, along the lines of “you level 40’s think you are gods because you have the best gear and all they do is kill hatchlings or dudes who are AFK!”

Anyway, I had a bit of fun in the last two days doing scav runs, running low gear on my sub-level 10 account, or running on my main account with cheap gear like a toz or 153s and armor I purchased from Fence.

People claim these are 1 100 or more raids… They aren’t if you play smart, wait for your opponents to make mistakes, use the environment to your advantage, move unpredictably, have good aim, and get a bit of luck and netcode sprinkled in for good measure.

Stop making excuses folks – the game may be broken, but it’s broken for everyone… Keep raiding and improving out there!

24 thoughts on “"You Win Because of Your Gear!" || Escape from Tarkov Highlights

  1. Gear is huge for newbies. I mean I run around trying to just survive a raid, SKS, PACA and a pot on my head, 12 runs 1 survive. Shit ain't easy when you face geared people, regardless how good aim you have.

  2. Explanation now pls? How did u kill a guy with buckshots on 2 hits with 4Gen armor?? This game is so broken :D:D:D… When i was trying to kill him with 10 shots it said "Armor absorbed 500 dmg" and stuff 😀 😀 So this game basically works just when the game wants xDDD

  3. 3 meters between me and the guy. I have a MT shotgun and I hit all my shots. He is not dead. Draw my PM pistol. Also hit all my shots. Hes not dead again. He misses almost all of his AK shots cuz he is bad then he finally manages to kill me with his pistol. Damage absorbed by his armor was 1263. There is nothing I can physically do to kill him. I really have no good items. Any advice ?

  4. Well, after watching this gear may not like super affect stuff. But I've had instances where me and my two buddies I play with will legit put over 150 rounds of BS and other armor piercing ammos into someone and he will tank over 1200 damage and still kill us. While skill is better than gear there are definitely those instances where you just lose cause the dude is in level 6 everything

  5. I know it's an old video but I don't really get the point… shotguns and pistols are viable at close range against dumb fucks? Well, if the entire game was factory then I guess yeah.

  6. If gear and equipment wouldn't matter, then I do not understand why armies today invest in better weapons, better protection and well anything else that can give you an edge compared to the enemy. Of course equipment matters! And that's realistic. Why else do police officers prefer to get out in body armor. Or has anyone seen the North Hollywood shootout? The criminals have been decked out in fully automatic weapons and full body protection and those two guys managed to hold their positions against dozen of cops armed with pistols, infact they gave them hell! This idea, that you should always win against someone with better equipment, is unrealistic! It's stupid. And silly. You have to find ways to outsmart people with better equipment. Do you think the Vietcong complained to someone about the US army having more and better equipment? No. They found ways to get around it. And that's what you have to do in Tarkov as well it seems.

  7. "JUST GIT GUD YOU DONT NEED GEAR LOL." Only has 4 minutes of footage out of all the time he plays this game and 90% of the kills shown are obtained because the game is a glitchy pile of trash.

  8. Lol i used to do the aps runs on labs exact gun u used that pistol with stock is very effective close range and i would get scavs then grab their gear n be juiced n fight in labs.. but ya with scavs on labs with that pistol and decent ammo like the pmm you can easily kill raiders if u bait them n get them around a corner or as they come through a door


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