World of Tanks: Tank Guides – S3 E8 – AMX 13 90

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World of Tanks: Strategy Series on the AMX 13 90

Nethervoid: In this episode of World of Tanks: Strategy Series I talk about the AMX 13 90. It’s a good tier 8 light tank. In this video I go over combat tactics and strategy, tank attributes, weak spots, module upgrades, equipment choices, consumables, and crew specific to the AMX 13 90. After talking about tank specifics and strategy, I hop in a couple games to show you the strategy in action.

Find out which mods I use, and ask me questions in this thread:

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World of Tanks is an FPS style, arcade tank simulator where 2 teams of 15 tanks annihalate each other. It’s free to play with a cash shop for bonuses.

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44 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Tank Guides – S3 E8 – AMX 13 90

  1. I prefer camo instead of repairs, with same order and drops as you said. 

    PS try sit.awareness, gives more bonus than recon on the commander, since he is radio operator as well 😉

  2. The elc is am ok tank, but it is amazingly fun, its low profile and insane speed make it impossible to hit even in the open. A gun on a tier5 that can put 200 dmg even on tier8 heavies is awesome. the trick to this tank is dont stop moving. The accel sucks so if you stop your dead.

  3. I don't see how the bump up in tier hurt the tank, it still gets the exact same matchmaking as it did before, only now it has more health to go with it. If anything, the bump up in tiers benefited all french tanks in the light/medium tree as they have improved health to go with the same old matchmaking.

  4. WHy am I still going up the french med tree anymore, I heard the bat chat is just awfull compared to the rest, I have no idea they thought moving the batchat up a tier nerfing it, putting it with a bunch of other completely stronger tanks that were upgraded from the previous ones. Does wargaming not understand tht the batchat was op for its tier, not for tier 10. They should keep the batchat nerf and make it tier 9, make ELC seperate, and add a new tier 10. The elc does not belong. and is op

  5. looks like the get up and go is better but im not sure cuz it's only 50 horse more than the 13 75 and about 2 tons more i think, i hated how the 13 75 had terrible acceleration that at low speeds it can't out run a vk3601

  6. same here i have put the french lights on the shelf for now, i feel like war gaming has scammed everyone who are trying to do french lights. Its seems stupid that you have a tier 8 tank with a tier 7 gun with and you have no Armour. they should give you the 100mm or something better because the 90mm is so inaccurate with low pen for the tiers your versing.

  7. Very nice vids, but 1 thing. Are you going to make a kv-3 guide now its 7.3? Because i just got it, put on the turret, tracks and first 122 gun and i would love some advice on that tank. Thanks a lot, you just earned yourself a subscriber sir!


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