World of Tanks: Tank Guides – S3 E13 – Panther II

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World of Tanks: Strategy Series on the Panther II

Nethervoid: In this episode of World of Tanks: Strategy Series I talk about the Panther II. It’s a pretty good tier 8 medium tank. In this video I go over combat tactics and strategy, tank attributes, weak spots, module upgrades, equipment choices, consumables, and crew specific to the Panther II. After talking about tank specifics and strategy, I hop in a couple games to show you the strategy in action.

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World of Tanks is an FPS style, arcade tank simulator where 2 teams of 15 tanks annihalate each other. It’s free to play with a cash shop for bonuses.

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37 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Tank Guides – S3 E13 – Panther II

  1. I agree with you, buddy. The German tanks are better now, I think, but still. The Panther was an absolute terror when it was on the battlefield. As you said, their transmission screwed them a lot of the time, but their armor, gun, optics, everything was incredible at the time. But of course, there's always game balance to handicap.

  2. The reason why the germans aren't historically accurate is because they have to make the game balanced. If not then the germans would just murder anything yiu threw at it. The Maus would have around 400mm of frontal armour.

  3. I had lots of fun driving the Panther with the long 7,5cm gun, but I feel so undergunned with my new Panther 2 (I only got the tracks up till now). I hope that its getting better with the 8,8cm gun!
    And the Panther II is somehow a bad money-producer.

  4. Hey Nether!

    Can you help me in my Dilemma? I want to have a good TVIII Medium, T-44 is already in my Garage but iยดm still searching for another one. Now I have enough EXP for the Pershing or the Panther II. I like to Flank and Troll many people by circling them- Which Tank would you Take? TY for Reading and Answering!

  5. Thanks for the video. My favourite tank for sure, a real beauty! Sadly Wargaming is hatin on Germans. Your so right about historical approach in this game. Couldn't agree more! Oh well! Was pain in the ass to farm for this baby without the premium acc. Luckly i got it 50% off just before i got enough exp for it.

  6. In my experience at test server, at this point,Panther2 definitely better than Indien-Pz (same tier 8). I even brawled with a Leo 1 and Leo Prototype at different games and beat them both times (definitely w/ some help from lady luck). I used the 88 L71. Not really sure but seems the Leo 1 and Leo Proto have paper armor (which irl I think they really did have accdg to wikipedia), although balanced by mobility. Different fighting styles in 2 German medium lines which is ok. Im getting both lines.

  7. think the game should be historically correct. german tanks were pretty awesome so they shoyld be in game as well. being a german i kinda feel dicrminated because it looks like they just want the german tanks to suck. hope they will get that right soon.

  8. the transmission in the front is historical BUT the Russian devs have nerfed all German tanks in that they lower the armor value of the lower glacis. THE LOWER GLACIS PLATE WAS THE SAME THICKNESS AS THE UPPER!!!!!!!! And the slope of the bottom was the same, OR BETTER, as the upper plate. This tank was the worst grind of anything I ever did. It caught fire if a Russian tank looked at it.

  9. I have shot so many german tanks in the front it's rediculous… Me and a friend had a test where I would shoot him in the lower plate.. 2 tests actually. One was with the E-75 an dthe other was with the e-50… I ended up killing him bouth times without as so much as damaging his engine… Was it patched or something IDK but still..

  10. The Panther II should have had the 88 L/100… Although I havent played the E-50 yet, I heard that almost no one uses the 88 L/100 and uses the awesome 105 mm instead. If the Panther II had the 88mm L100, I think it would have been awesome. And the formidable sniping L/100 cannons would have been a nice upgrade which could have been the trademark of the Panthers.

  11. Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. The best guns on it won't really help much it seems. I'm also grinding for the Tiger II. I know that thing will do some damage. What gun do you use on your Panther II?

  12. yep, it will be very hard, because how higher the tier level of youre tank the most you have to play against tier X. i was very suprised that i had to fight against a mause tank or a e100, or some other tier X. you just need to be careful with youre tactics and stuff, otherwise you will be the first to be killed……and that sucks.

  13. this tank is great, i have the panther 2 as well. its a great tank, but if you have upgrated youre tank a little(that you have the panther cannon like the panther 1). you cannot penatrate all the tanks like the first panther. witch is really weird. but if you play well, like on this video. you are gonna like to having this tank.


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