World of Tanks: Tank Guides – S2 E16 – T-34

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World of Tanks: Strategy Series on the T-34. Let’s become experts!

Nethervoid: In this episode of World of Tanks: Strategy Series I talk about the T-34. It’s a good tier 5 medium tank once fully unlocked. In this video I go over tank specific combat tactics and strategy, tank attributes, module upgrades, tech tree research priority, equipment choices, consumables, and crew. After talking about tank specifics and strategy, I hop in a game to show you the strategy in action.

== WoT mods & Info ==
Over Target Markers (scrolling combat numbers):
j1mb0’s Crosshair / Sniper Mod:
Realistic Gun Sounds:
WoT Module 3D Maps:

World of Tanks is an FPS style, arcade tank simulator where 2 teams of 15 tanks annihalate each other. It’s free to play with a cash shop for bonuses.

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44 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Tank Guides – S2 E16 – T-34

  1. The only time I hit a critical part of the T1 was the track to immobilize the target. The rest of the hits were all targeted at non-critical parts of the tank. It's a consistent issue that's coming up and the WoT forums are plagued with players who are having the same experience. If this game is to be playable, this issue needs to be fixed.

  2. Used the t-34 against the T1 – with the 57 equipped at medium to close range. I hit the T1 16 times directly in the side at a 90 degree angle. I had 11 penetrations (with both ammo types) for a total of a pathetic 108 dmg. The T1 basically sat there and ignored me. On average that's 9 damage a shot which is absurd for a tank that is in the same tier as me. Only 2 of the pens actually did dmg and the 9 other times I penetrated were useless. The 0 dmg penetration mechanic has broken this game.

  3. How would you say the American Mediums compare to the Russian Mediums? I LOVE flanking, I started German, and noticed that the German mediums are actually snipers. I want to know the BEST flanking Nation. Speed and Gun. I don't care about armor, cuz I don't get hit/

  4. I love the T-34 personally. I have been one of the last few tanks standing and because of its RoF (Rate of fire) just tore apart every enemy tank standing before they knew what was happening. It is a very good tank if you don't want to buy a prem for credit grind.

  5. Here's my thinking. They didn't actually change the weapon's performance, they only changed the stats to reflect a crew at 100%. What it USED to reflect was a crew at 133%, which is not the norm. So, if you get your crew to 133% through various methods, you will get the 30 rpm. Otherwise, 100% crew gets you what it always had, what is now displayed.

  6. Hey bro, thanks for another good video. Jimbos mod catches ammo rack after you fire. I noticed that too… Thanks for all the help and support. Eff rating 1200~ after playing 2months. See ya

  7. If you're working up to this tank I would recommend playing with the T-28 as well, since that way you get the 57mm gun early. Then you have it right of the bat when get the T-34.


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