World of Tanks PC – Explaining mechanics – Visibility system: View range

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What are the vehicle checkpoints and view range ports? What do they do? What do all the circles on the minimap mean? You can find answers to all these …

36 thoughts on “World of Tanks PC – Explaining mechanics – Visibility system: View range

  1. Now if only they talked about how soft stats effect EVERYTHING in this game and why they are STILL NOT listed on the main site…..

    oh yeah false advertising and rigged game

  2. Not trust this video anymore World of tanks scraped alll the game for 6 year now invisible wall . rock and spoot mechanic never be accurate not working . all match are rigged for $ and lose often so wast much time x-x sadly fun are off

  3. so the "max view range (white marker)" is the thing you upgrade with the radio

    and just the "view range" is the base/minimum (which you get when buying the tank and it cannot change by upgrades) view range with the green marker

    the yellow marker is the range from which you can actually see the certain vehicle (doesn't stops you to actually damage it)

  4. What they didn’t explain clearly is the enemy tanks camo value would depend on your absolute maximum view range of your tank. So if an enemy tank has a camo value of 50% and your view range is 500meters, the game would base that 50 percent concealment on your 500 meters so you’d likely spot that tank at 50 percent of 500, which is 250 meters , compared to for example an ally tank that has only 445m of view range, they’d likely spot then at around 222.5. If you have a stock tank and has 350m view range then half of that as well.


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