World of Tanks – M36 Jackson Tier 6 Tank Destroyer – The Slugger

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Putting the M36 Jackson next to the M18 Hellcat is a bit like putting your highschool prom queen next to Angelina Jolie. There’s nothing wrong with the highschool prom queen, but holy shit that’s ANGELINA JOLIE!

Let’s hear it for the highschool prom queens! I never did like Angelina Jolie much anyway.

13:12 for the violent bits.

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48 thoughts on “World of Tanks – M36 Jackson Tier 6 Tank Destroyer – The Slugger

  1. I think the problem for the Jackson is Wargamings's propensity to offer guns on hulls that never made it into production. The M36 was brought into service specifically to mount the 3.5inch/90mm gun to deal with heavier German armour front on. The same gun was only proposed on the Hellcat, which was by and large armed with the 3inch/76mm. This decision by Wargaming tends to warp the selection dynamics of gamers and essentially OP the Hellcat making the Jackson look lackluster. My suggestion would be to delete the 90mm gun on the Hellcat and offer gamers two distinctly different TD 's at Tier 6: a light nimble 3inch armed Hellcat and a hard-hitting brusier 3.5inch armed Jackson. A fictional 90mm armed Hellcat could be offered as a Tier 6 or preferable Tier 7 Premium.

  2. It's probably been said a thousand times, but the hellcat shouldn't have the 90mm gun. It never did historically as the Jackson never had the 76. Meanwhile many other tanks are stuck with their historical guns at the same tier. The speed an rotation should be reduced drastically if the 90 is equipped at least.

  3. i still love my M36, even though she struggles greatly against the japanese superheavies like the O-I…but to be fair, anything without class leading penetration struggles against the japanese superheavies….still, i like the combo of good alpha damage,accuracy and penetration the 90mm brings…absolutely wrecks tier 4's and 5's no sweat. it's not silly penetration like the 212 or the 203 on the ARL V39 or Nashorn where it'll butter even tier 8's no sweat….but it's not low enough to make you rage and load full APCR….it's just bog standard penetration for a tier 6 heavy or TD.

  4. I find it fascinating how Wargaming works so hard to get excellent information on armored vehicles, and then they throw that research out the window by putting non-historical guns on nearly everything.

  5. The Jackson's tier V turret has the same exact armor thickness and view range as the tier VI closed top turret and also has the benefit of weighing 300 kg less than the tier VI turret, (300 kg less weight means quicker acceleration and superior maneuverability), while providing a significant camouflage rating improvement vs. the closed top tier VI turret.

  6. The huge advantage the M36 Jackson has vs. the M18 Hellcat is that the Jackson's ammo rack carries 47 rounds of ammunition whereas the Hellcat only has 30 rounds of ammunition. 17 more rounds of ammunition is a big advantage.

  7. RIP my hellcat. Nerfed batted to death. I hate it now and I was good in the td with over 60% solo w/r. Now my fav tanks of that tier are the Cromwell, T3485 and vk3001p. I noticed when you played your Jackson, you were rollding below 240 dmg/shot a lot. When I play my T3485 with it's 85 mm gun, I notice that it seems to roll 200 dmg a lot (180 avg/shot gun). Russian bias? Plus the gun fires faster so it ends up doing way more damage.

  8. When the U.S. Army decided to test the 90mm gun on the Hellcat…. Yes, you guessed it, they mounted the entire M36 Jackson turret and gun on the Hellcat chassis. It would be physically impossible to mount/balance/operate the 90mm gun in the original Hellcat turret, just as it would be physically impossible to mount/balance/operate the long 88mm gun of the Tiger II in the original Tiger I turret. WOT should've had 2 Tier 6 TDs (M36 Jackson with 90mm gun and M18 Hellcat with 76mm gun) and 1 Tier 6 Premium TD (M18 Hellcat with M36 turret and 90mm gun and slightly less speed). Proper Zen achieved.

  9. I have both in my garage and have a better win/survival/damage ratio in favor of the M36 in spite of the lower speed and worse camo rating. I'm betting that it is the ability to rush into combat with the M18 that gets me killed faster, lol.

  10. I have to say my highest top gun run so far was in my Jackson. The battle was some years back, but it was a tier 6 match. I ended the match with 9 kills….would have been 10, but someone's shell beat mine to the last tank on the enemy team. I was nearly giddy with excitement on that run….


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