World of Tanks 2016 Guide to Installing Aslain's ModPack

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World of tanks with stewiejp

Updated guide to one of the most popular World of Tanks Modpacks – Aslains.

Download it here

Be aware that early on in any new Patch there are issues with all modpacks as the developers redesign and reconfigure the individual mods for the respective patch.
As the patches get more complex so does the mod design – patch 9.14 (new patch as I write this) seems rife with bugs from the mods.

Disabling the following works for me:
-remember password
-auto login

The following mods are often the cause of crashes at the start of a new patch:
-reload timers
-some damage announcers
-carousel mods

(I have these all working at the moment, but they can cause issues, as well as the ones Aslain advised to “use care” with.)



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