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Will there be a second season of HBO’s Watchmen show? The answer isn’t as clear as we’d like, so we parse through the many interviews that showrunner Dameon Lindelof has given on the subject to try and formulate an answer. After the shocking events of the Watchmen Season 1 finale featuring Angela Abar, Doctor Manhattan, Laurie Blake, Mirror Guy, Ozymandias, and Lady Trieu, it’s understandable why some may want to see what happens next in a potential Season 2 of Watchmen, so we dig into whether it’s going to happen and postulate what that second season could be about — Nite Owl, anyone?

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40 thoughts on “Will There Be a Watchmen Season 2? Damon Lindelof Weighs In – IGN Now

  1. Reading between his lines in past interviews, I'd guess its more that he doesn't want to have to haggle about the budget that such a story demands (so its still a creative concern for him). If he gets approval, he'll return and get to work.

  2. It's focus on an aged and senile Nite Owl who, like his predecessor, has become obsessed with glories past. As his senility gets worse, he begins seeing his old long dead friend and partner everywhere he goes and together they go out on one last case. It's he just fighting ghosts or are they real? Like we saw during Mason's last fight, sometimes it doesn't matter. Both are one.

  3. Why does Angela just kneel there and not attack Lady Triue…making her stop this process….she could have saved him. Triue was unarmed and alone there with her daughter/mother.!!!

  4. If they make a sequel I hope it’s about different characters.

    Laurie looking glass and lubeman return and nite owl should get out of jail.

    I like the way Angela’s story concluded so it doesn’t need to continue. The ambiguity was fine but personally I think her grandfather inherited dr manhattans abilities on some level.

  5. I half expected her to just fall into the pool and laughs while shaking her head, don't feel like a second season is necessary unless it focuses on none of the characters from season 1.


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