Welcome Back WOW Refugees | FFXIV News Break

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Welcome Back WOW Refugees | FFXIV News Break | Work To Game
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Final Fantasy XIV is about to get some serious new content so it’s the perfect time to return be it if you’re on a break or for other reasons. Today’s FFXIV News Break looks at the upcoming All Saint’s Wake, Patch 5.1 Details, PvP News and Hopes for a brighter future.

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35 thoughts on “Welcome Back WOW Refugees | FFXIV News Break

  1. So I am still really into playing Classic and it makes it hard to want to go back to FFXIV (as much as I enjoyed it, even though I am still only in Stormblood).
    If I were to come back, the solo and basic group would need a lottle more challenge as I rarely get the feeling that the open world is dangerous. Given that I am only in Stormblood is content a little more "wow classic" like in difficulty in Shadowbringers? Do you think WoW Classic might influence some FFXIV design concepts?

  2. On one end, FFXIV is about to get a NieR-themed raid series.
    On the other, Blizzard has become a slave to Chinese overlords.

    Hmm… yeah, I'm good staying in FFXIV. Not that I ever left.

  3. ​@shiirow the literal meaning of simplified in this context is that it requires less skill to perform( so much that it requires none )= its not up to you to decide what looks good on anyone els to everyone els that is offensive to say to anyone in any way – to add to that it's offensive to decide what someone eleses opinion means without asking or gettin a clearification for the things you dont understand in it – playng the offended game to get someone to stop speaking is a played out tactic and that is reality.

  4. I love it that so many mistake that line to mean its not on the first but really they mean the lake in Lakeland which is called "The Source". You werent the first to make that mistake and you wont be the last.

  5. I wish Garo wasn't going away, even though it gets expensive buying stuff on Mog Station I hope they put Garo stuff on Mog station. I haven't had much time to pvp due to working on MSQ, lvling jobs, and lvling crafting and gathering. Along with that is waiting for pvp ques and getting tired of dying a lot after awhile in pvp.

  6. Oh man Brian, this tome event got me into PvP for the first time. We had instant queues for many many days. Then I got all the stuff…
    Still doing daily for wolf marks but…
    Feel bad because I think you were playing Destiny during the peak time.
    Now we're 10 minutes or so for queues.
    Good luck with garo!

    And anyone who hasn't played PvP, it's not what you think, it's way better!
    Go to wolves den, Take 10 minutes to figure out your skills, and jump in!

  7. Let the WOW refugees stay in WOW. Every time they migrate for a week or two the behavior in dungeons become so toxic and unbearable. It's like they're incapable of leaving their bad habits and attitudes in WOW and ruin everything.

  8. Brian I played Final Fantasy 14 for the last 4 months from the beginning of ARR all the way to the end of shadowbringers and completing the Savage raid as a wow refugee using no skips and no level boost , realtalk World of Warcraft is better, it just is it feels better the way your character moves is better the speed of combat is better even the abilities defence and offensive are meaningful and they feel like they hit harder, wow is just a better game and I'm glad I got to experience both Final Fantasy and wow but it doesnt compare, ff is a nice casual singlelayer rpg with mmo elements and wow is a legit pvp +pve experience, theres no comparison…..

  9. general knowledge – Since the changing of the pvp system to remove the use of regular skills with some optional pvp skills , the participation of pvp dropped ( hard) . nobody wants to be relegated to spamming a set of 8 or 9 skills that don't differ at all then the fact that each is job set – only means its ultra simplified job spamming there's no need to develope player skill or a tried and true load out that works to take on people not mobs or both – no real player skill is in it so no real challenge is in it no real proof that someones load out is better or worse no real need for team work no real anything it sits at a incredibly boring waste of time spot – there are those who like the simplified system ( mostly those who had no real player skill b4 the change ) and those who never knew the way it was – obsessing over equality eliminated player skill and without player skill the challenge to learn and win is gone it means its boring so there is your reason for pvp being so dead . it was said a lot by a lot of ppl in a lot of different ways ever since that change .

  10. I have a few basic tips for Feast players:
    -You can bring up to 1 other player with you on Training Matches (which is the preferred type of Feast for this)
    –It's usually a good idea to focus down 1 player at a time. In my case, I tend to focus down the ranged DPS first, unless they are a Dancer or a Red Mage, then attack the melee DPS instead. If the healer is REALLY low on MP, hard switch your focus to them so that the rest will fall like dominoes. Be sure to mark them
    -Tanks, remember to use your abilities to protect players when they are taking damage. Also, be sure to pick up medals instead of other players if possible.
    -Stay in the healer's line of sight so that they can heal you

  11. People keep saying PvP is bad in 14 but I watched a few people do the feasts yesterday and it really doesn't look that bad to me. Obviously MMOs with action combat like BDO and GW2 are always going to have an edge for PvP content, but it doesn't look like the train wreck that people describe. In fact it looks more fun than WoW PvP to me because of the specialized skills and the fact that item levels are irrelevant, even though it's more of a mini-game than an actual game mode in FF14. I may actually bother getting my GARO set after all, and level my sub 71 jobs while doing it.

  12. PLAY RIVAL WINGS. Frontlines is a degenerate game mode and one of the worst designed PVP systems I've ever seen. A three team free for all is absolutely degenerate outside of extremely large scale persistent game modes like in Planetside. Rival Wings on the other hand is an actually fun, interesting game mode that has clear objectives and rewards people for actually getting kills, unlike Frontlines where chasing kills is a sure way to lose a PLAYER VS PLAYER MODE. It boggles my mind how SE has refused to add a daily challenge to RW and continues to support a failed game mode that is the cause of people's hatred of PVP in FFXIV. Of course people think PVP is bad when they're introduced to it by a mode with a 33% chance of victory.

  13. I was a WoW refugee since before Legion ended and I haven't gone back. I hated the feeling of having to log in every day to farm AP and I hated how I couldn't level up my Warrior because maintaining my Mage and Shaman were so much work. I thought I was done with MMOs until I picked up FFXIV at the tail end of SB. Now that I'm playing FFXIV I feel so free. I don't have to log in every day even though I do. I log in because I want to, not because I have to. And I can take time to play anything else I want. In fact, I'm going to replay Automata soon in preparation for the raid. And I'm going to start watching Garo again for the first time in 10 years. Feels good to not be tied down to that prison that is WoW.

  14. The last letter was quite clear, there are NO REWARDS for new game +. That means it will not be good for gaining exp. It also means it's useless to me, as I desperately wanted it to give me the achivements that I can't get, because I started in gridania, and not uldal or limsa.

  15. Funny thing. I've been off WOW for months. I have been playing FFXIV and am at level 72 almost into the last expansion content. Just a few days ago I decided it was time to use my last WOW token (I usually get on in October) then all this mess I don't even feel like logging in.


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