Walmart Reportedly Removing Violent Game Ads, Will Still Sell Guns – IGN Now

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Walmart’s new video game policies following a mass shooting at one of its stores now extends to game sales.

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46 thoughts on “Walmart Reportedly Removing Violent Game Ads, Will Still Sell Guns – IGN Now

  1. Tighter laws to get guns would be a move in the right direction- Many other countries have guns available but not everyone that wants one can get one. # justsayin People who have depression or at least are clinically depressed and have a gun should be watched.

  2. They wanna know of a main reason all these mass shootings are happening? It's called media glorifying these mass shootings. Ever notice how when one shooting is reported on more seem to follow?

  3. They know what the real problem is it's not games. It's our government not listening to people. They're frustrated with their lives being in poverty or being messed with by other people and are lashing out because nobody listen to or helps them. The government rather than enforcing anti bullying laws of anyone child or adult or the government instead of trying to fix poverty so people aren't frustrated and go crazy because nobody listens to them decides to blame games because it's less work for them. Untill the real reasons are resolved games or not mass shootings will keep happening.

  4. Videogames might cause violence but its more like the bad parents that dont care about what their children play growing up and how huge the gun business is for the US economy a swell as the money spent on the security business.

  5. When will America get it through their heads that gun availability is the reason for mass shootings (along with psychotic instability). Your right to bare arms Is biting you in the butt… Your president & half the US population is too deluded to see this.

  6. THANK YOU, IGN! Your fact check at the end was amazing. I respect you guys so much for refusing to feed into the mass delusion that anything other than the US’ pathetic gun legislation is to blame for the shooting epidemic.

  7. Annnd those same games are played IN every single country NOT called USA ??.. and gasp.. we are the only ones with the mass shootings .. but.. whatever takes the attention away from your guns right Walmart ?

  8. NRA: "How can we use this opportunity to make money…"
    NRA: "We can blame it on video games… Parents will then take the games away…
    NRA: "Then the fake guns will be out of the way… The teenage boys will then buy real ones!


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