Venom 2 Tease Delivers Bittersweet News – IGN Now

Venom 2 Tease Delivers Bittersweet News - IGN Now

Sony Pictures officially announced that the release of Venom 2 has been pushed to next year, but there’s good news — they also revealed the title!

Andy Serkis is directing the Venom sequel, which sees Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Woody Harrelson reprising their roles from the 2018 blockbuster as Eddie Brock, Anne Weying, and Cletus Kasady, respectively.


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  1. Can we get a venom video game like the 2018 Spider-Man, but instead of policing the city…you destroy it as a villain…let gun shipments through, start gangs n territory beefs, kill police, tag graffiti, drug deals, bank heists, battle Spider-Man like 3 times but never kill, maim enemies are the other symbiotes. Done and done, sold! Give us dope weaponry w the symbiotes suit.

  2. I don’t know how any studio can set a release date for anything at this point but I guess. Just stop putting dates and put coming soon because literally nobody knows when all this is going to be over.

  3. I feel like "Let There Be Carnage" is an actual dialogue line from Cletus Cassidy as he will say it because he probably lost faith in humanity after loosing sth precious and now he's pissed so he doesn't care about how many will die because of his symbiote making a total rampage over the city. Just my pure speculation.

  4. I highly doubt Knull will be in the movie due to him being a fairly recent new character who still hasn’t been fleshed out other than his back story, the most likely scenario is that the movie will follow the maximum carnage Story line rather than absolute carnage

  5. In my opinion venom and Carnage are the most powerful villians that aren't interdimentonal but venom did create a new dimension sooo not sure where to put him but still the only villian who's stronger is toxic because every new generation of symbiote gets stronger though venom and Carnage killed him but there's also that simbiote hero who's the 5 other children of venom morphed into 1 though it never reached the power of venom and Carnage it could surpass it

  6. First one was pretty bad.Not much hope for this one.sad…venom is a hugely popular character and tom hardy is an awesome actor.Shame on the studio for butchering everything.

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