TL vs. FLY – Week 8 Day 2 | LCS Spring Split | Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest (2019)

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VoD of Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest
LCS Spring Split 2019 #LCS

Team Liquid Lineup:
Impact – Top Kennen
Xmithie – Jungle Rek’Sai
Jensen – Mid LeBlanc
Doublelift – Bot Vayne
CoreJJ – Support Rakan

FlyQuest Lineup:
V1per – Top Aatrox
Santorin – Jungle Skarner
Pobelter – Mid Corki
WildTurtle – Bot Ezreal
JayJ – Support Braum

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29 thoughts on “TL vs. FLY – Week 8 Day 2 | LCS Spring Split | Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest (2019)

  1. I LOVE IT when a team that plays this (in my opinion) disgusting comp of double ap when even your jungle aint a tank initiator and they get there are asses kicked by a more standard old school team comp of tank dps support.GOOD JOB FLYQUEST.

  2. I knew if anyone other than TSM could take down TL it was Fly. They have a unique playstyle you don't expect. No disrespect to C9. Still my favorite team, but Nisqy needs work.

  3. As a TSM fan I am pretty happy to see Santorin doing well, I always really thought he seemed like a very nice guy, And on a side note letting go of turtle was always a bummer, hes just such a fun player to watch, I am really glad these people are still in the league… I just realized there are more TSM players that I like on FQ than TSM players I like on the current roster of TSM :/… Geez I even like Pob, FQ has a pretty damn good roaster. Can't wait to see them play TSM in playoffs it's going to be really fun.

  4. Weakest link Xmithie w/ the retarded baron call. Good god, he will be NA's downfall in worlds – teams will abuse tf out of him. Kick this chubby tard tf out of the good orgs, so he has to carry for once (which he can't).


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