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This is my first 0.9 video. This video is talking about everything I know from farming the scav boss since the start of the wipe. This information includes some tips and tricks that I have picked up which should help you kill the scav boss a lot easier.

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38 thoughts on “TIPS AND TRICKS TO KILL THE SCAV BOSS – Escape From Tarkov

  1. Me and my brother ran to dorms to rush marked room, the whole building was full of 7 scavs, we were already trapped in the building with them, as we rushed to the second floor when they all decided to aggro, we killed them all and only afterwards found out it was Rashala and his gang lmao

  2. I found him 4 raids in a row last night.
    All but one of which were Budget quest runs.And i killed him and the entire squad in all 4 raids.
    One with a TT using only 2 mags.
    One with a Mr-133 shotgun, with buckshot.
    One with a hatchet(i kid you not, id ran out of ammo with my main weapon fighting people at dorms, and he came up the stairs and stopped me from looting.And i had to wack him, take his gun and kill his friends. :P)
    And one with the previous run's ak from a bodyguard.

    The bitcoin on the Dealmaker himself, is a very rare spawn, ive killed him 6 times, and havent got a bitcoin once, but he can also spawn rolex watches, from what ive been told.

  3. something important to note: all of the bosses guards will spawn with an AVS or better with an IFAK in one of the slots as well as plenty of ammo for whatever weapon they had, if you need to resupply they are valuable to hit up mid fight if needed.

  4. Kill his minion and take there guns to kill the rest, that's what I did, one at a time, running in rooms to recover. You can find ammo and grenades. I picked up a fort from them, AK101 from the boss.


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