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With Netflix’s Season 1 of The Witcher enchanting fans with brooding Henry Cavill as Geralt and the catchy “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” song, fans want to know why there’s such a long wait for Season 2. IGN talked to showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich about why viewers must wait until 2021 for the next season, plus she tells us why Season 2 will please those who weren’t a fan of the multiple timelines.

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40 thoughts on “The Witcher: Why Season 2 Won’t Premiere Until 2021 – IGN Now

  1. Personally I liked the multiple timelines. They made for an interesting puzzle that all comes together in the last episode. It would have been boring to just view the entire show from Geralts point of view

  2. I really liked the show, and the multiple timelines I figured it out pretty quickly, and it was fun trying to place each event. Will probably be re-watching multiple times before Season 2 releases. And i REALLY hope we see Jaskier again.

  3. Personally, the timelines were w a y too confusing for my pea-sized brain to comprehend. It took me ages to understand that it wasn't just in one timeline, that it was multiple, I would've liked it better if it was at least labeled because even now I'm still a little confused about what's what. And ONE YEAR IS REALLY NOT THAT BAD IT JUST CAME OUT

  4. I just finished season 1 and I didn't realize the different timeline till the last few seasons. I was confused but I was still very interested in the show and I wanted to see how all the characters tied together. Overall, I love this show and can't wait for more!

  5. Multiple timelines are absolutely fine *BUT* what is all-important that was missing which would have prevented any and all confusion are subtitles informing the viewer of the timeline changes. For example, "12 YEARS PREVIOUSLY" etc… That was all that was needed.

  6. People are up set because their deductive reasoning was trash when watch a new show. I mean it wasn't like is was a freaking comic book, the timeline was very simple and made the show interesting and with a great ending.


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