The Two Types of Tarkov Players

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44 thoughts on “The Two Types of Tarkov Players

  1. i feel like for a new player the rat way is the first way to go if one have to choose between one of the two. If youre new to the game and go full chad and youre not really good at it one day you might be forced to eat the leftovers of a rat.. you'll become a maggot.. eew..

  2. im a hardcoded rat. I watch firefights from bushes and chuck in a flash or two. i spend a lot of time at old gas on customs. crouching behind a counter with my shotgun raised overhead towards the entry way is a strat i consider viable. I strip the guns i cant carry of anyhing that will come off including ammo and mags, then chuck parts around to render them harder to use. I pack scav remains into pouches and chuck them in inacessible places so other rats cant have it. i toss the loot found in containers and jackets that i cant carry into hidden spots, mostly crickets and matches. I camp the L turn on customs. This is only the tip of the iceberg of minmaxing.

    im bad for your games. im also sorry. and rich.


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