The Only Ways to Control Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee for Nintendo Switch

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Unfortunately, motion controls are the ONLY way to play the new Pokémon game. That means NO Pro-Controller. Fortunately, the motion controls aren’t too obtrusive, and handheld mode is surprisingly intuitive.

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25 thoughts on “The Only Ways to Control Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee for Nintendo Switch

  1. If they just added that when you are 1v1ing someone and you beat won against his/her 1st pokemon and when he/she is about to switch a pokemon to battle is they have to use the controller, just like how to catch a pokemon. Who gets my point?

  2. I have a nice 3rd party wired Zelda themed contoller by Power A. It's got a really nice D-Pad, which I would LOVE to use in this game, but the controller is completely non-functional for Pokemon Let's Go! This is an incredibly shitty design. Why can't I just switch to using a Joy Con when the time comes to catch Pokemon?! Nintendo invented the D-pad but they really don't want customers to be able to use one anymore. Speaking of D-pads, why isn't there a special Left Joy Con with a real D-pad for games like Bomberman R?

  3. 5 mins ago…I started playing this…found out about this…so your telling me…that setting here playing it on my TV..right now…right here…the only control scheme is to use motion controls with only one of the two nunchucks..WHAT THe FLYING FUUUCCKKKK!!!
    Sigh..thank you just saved me A LOT of time…welp time to make a return trip to Walmart! Thank you, it’s unfortunate but at least I know now…

  4. I've got a really annoying issue with the motion controls… I hope somebody or you can help me… I didn't find my issue anywhere: So if I play Pokemon Let's Go and want to pet my Eevee with only the right Joy Con (used wireless) and point it to my switch and move it to pet my Pokemon, it drifts more and more to the left side of the screen. If i do the same movement for a while, I'll have to turn my controller 90 degrees to the right so thag I will remain on the same spot with the hand on the screen. I tried to fix this with calibrating the controller but it didn't make it better. I've got a second switch and it has the exact same issue. I don't even know if this is a known thing. 😥


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