The One With The Factory Cleaner – Raid #34 – Full Playthrough Series – Escape from Tarkov

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Punisher Part 5 here we go! I love factory and you are going to see why here! Map knowledge plays a massive part in success and hopefully you’ll learn some of it here!

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21 thoughts on “The One With The Factory Cleaner – Raid #34 – Full Playthrough Series – Escape from Tarkov

  1. Wish I had your luck on factory. Every time I was on part 6 for punisher, there were always some sweats with gen 4s and M4s. I only died twice to them, but it was still annoying

  2. I like that you explain your movements, reasoning and even basic things like what to heal first as you play. Its really good for new players to learn basics and strats

  3. Heya Pestily! Im fairly new to the game but I was able to catch the devblog stream and I agree with your comments on the airdrop boxes in your previous video

    Just had an idea but since I don’t really have a voice in the community or to Nikita, I was hoping you could get into touch with him about this idea.

    If Nikita really wants to have airdrops I think instead of airdrops there can be small weather balloons that drift around the map. There would be three balloons that would be be tied to a crate but to bring it down you would have to shoot all three off. By shooting a balloon you would be giving your position away and by shooting three times you would be endangering yourself more. Additionally, as a player scav, if you shot the balloon down it would turn the NPC scavs against you just like killing another NPC scav.

    Edit: just a image of what the ballon could look like (like a weather balloon? But with multiple balloons but smaller?):

  4. Enjoyed the playthrough so far, dude. I just bought game and don't have a scooby what I'm doing😂 I'd say Cache is pronounced same way Mustache or Panache but suppose you have Attaché which sounds different🤔

  5. Tip for people who are bad at Factory like me: Make up a few decent kits/weapons and have them on hand. Just keep doing factory over and over using the kits and ignore making money on the runs. Learn the spawns, where players like to hang out/move/peak, and don't worry if you lose your gear. If you hear shooting get into it, move fast, and don't be passive. Even if you run into your death try to learn from it.

  6. Are scav backpacks and pockets not worth searching? I notice that when he's low on time, he prioritizes lab coats over those. I thought scavs can sometimes spawn with some pretty good stuff?


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