The Luck Was Real || Escape from Tarkov Stream Highlights

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Some of the backlog footage from before I reset my account – edited by SnakeDST!

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46 thoughts on “The Luck Was Real || Escape from Tarkov Stream Highlights

  1. You are extremly creative with your videos and overall, you have helped the EFT community, even made an app and stuff, you put your own music in your videos aswell and so on, you should have more credit

  2. bro having a pouch bigger than alpha is so op, in my opinion, you shouldn't be able to put items in your pouch except if you're using the alpha and when you purchase a version you get both the alpha and the container you normally got so that in example labs you rather use your i donno gamma but somewhere like reserve you use your alpha

  3. Has daddy Veritas ever showed what his mouse sensitivity level is at? It seems like it's probably pretty low cause he seems to be moving his hand a lot in mouse movements.

  4. Just a thought but i see those lag spikes a lot however it feels like sometimes when you get into combat its the AIs reaction to the shots that jolts the server/game for that second or two? As in, the bots are processing their commands or w.e.

  5. Hey I’m a new player I’m just downloading the game I’ve been watching streams and stuff for a while now and really want to dive into Tarkov but I could use some help from some more experienced players if any of you guys could help me out I would appreciate it


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