The Joker’s Arrowverse Fate Revealed? – IGN Now

The Joker's Arrowverse Fate Revealed? - IGN Now

If you’ve been wondering where the Joker is in The CW’s Arrowverse, then we may have our answer. We break down the big reveal in Batwoman Season 1, Episode 17 “A Narrow Escape” to tell you everything you need to know about Batman’s most dangerous villain.


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  1. Sounds like it may tie into what we saw in Crisis with Bruce having run off after killing someone and Kate taking over. Kate later died in that timeline and Bruce went on a killing spree in revenge. Now we'll see if they bring Kevin Conroy back.

  2. Me, I wouldn't want to see a batman Vs Batwoman brawl. I would like to see Kevin Conroy doing the whole dark night returns thing and be an older mentor. That would be awesome.

  3. What if Joker from Earth 1 was killed 5 years ago just like Fox said in batwoman.But,another version of him just come from another earth just like Beth. And if he is already dead(the original one) so he won t have the dead issues of Beth

  4. It will be a great storyline if they do I flashback sequence of death in the family where you see joker kill Robin and that was a point where Batman killed the joker and he'll just string along to death or you know or however he killed him that would be the perfect storyline right there on why he killed the joker the whole death in the family story when he killed Jason Todd's Robin

  5. Wait the new arrow verse crisis version of batman killed joker that means that can be used to create
    Reverse flash ( who now can posses anyone like a ghost) + crazy batman =
    Red death
    Who is heavily implied before existed before crisis
    Now this new crisis version of
    Reverse flash and Batman could be awesome

  6. Why do all these DC shows paint Batman as a killer/total narcissistic irresponsible dickhead? I get playing with his classical archetype, but this is just trying to be edgy.

    It would be better writing if they said Bruce retired and the person who inherited the cowl just got fed up and killed the Joker.

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