The God Saiga – I'm Not A Bully! – Escape from Tarkov

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This fun run was a mixture of an epic gun with a bit of fun! Shotguns have a place now with the new ammo and large magazines and the accuracy of this Saiga is intense!

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27 thoughts on “The God Saiga – I'm Not A Bully! – Escape from Tarkov

  1. Dude thats so nice! Best experience I had was doing a hatchling run (don't bully me pls) and found another hatchling after I looted. We wiggled at each other and I pointed out all the good loot I couldn't take lol

  2. My god man, this is so nice
    I love when people don’t show off how good they are at killing weaponless people but Instead treat them like one of their friends
    Rare occasion, but a pleasant one to look at

  3. The not killing noobs and helping them are the best videos. All tht happens is people don't get the hang of the game and give up..which leaves less People playing. If u enjoy the game may want to think about killing that hatchling next time


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