Testing Fort Armor With Every Gun! The Russian Way : Escape From Tarkov

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43 thoughts on “Testing Fort Armor With Every Gun! The Russian Way : Escape From Tarkov

  1. Any armor will degrade with multiple hits in the same place. Especially level 4 armor because it is made from ceramic and polymer. Level 3 armor is either made from steel or UHMWPE which is similar to Kevlar in composition. The steel variant is cheaper to make and more durable than the UHMWPE variant, but the UHMWPE is much lighter while still protecting from the same threats. So far, yes the armor in this game is OP in some aspects, seeing that he’s hitting the same place every time. Pistol rounds you’ll understandably do very little to level 3 and above armor, but level two armor, 2 or 3 9mm nato rounds should go straight through if you’re hit in the same place. Rifle rounds go straight through level two armor, and shotgun rounds pretty much don’t do crap unless it’s point blank. Even slugs because they’re made of pure lead. But armor piercing slugs exist. So that evens things out a tad.

  2. The AS VAL has a much slower moving round so it shouldn’t have good armor penetration values. In reality the best penetrator for armor should be 5.56 and lastly 5.45. Kinetic energy is what allows steel core to punch through armor.

  3. That sks bug has been around since at least october. At least thats when I first encountered it. Seems to happen when you reload it from any container, as mine bugged out from dragging the mag out of a lootable container.

  4. AAARGH cringe aAAAaarghH must post a shitpost about 20 gauge not being bigger than 12 gauge…… .argggh must cry about 20×70 in the vid, aaargh while its actually 15,63×70

    Edit: btw what many forget about enertia: actio=reactio and unlike many say: the energy of 9mm will not break your neck, and 12gauge has a lot of energy but unless it a slug you will be fine too(try to imagine shooting a gun of your forehead). There is always a reason why popular calibers are so popular example: 12Gauge maximum leathality(or however this is written) while still confortable to shoot.

  5. You do know that slugs and 9mm do literally nothing to a fort armor in real life? It was made to take small arms civilian weaponry fire and is even designed to take armor penetrating rounds at close range(i doubt a lot of AP rounds). That armor in real life took 6 .308 FMJ rounds from a Remington VTR with 0 penetration results. The ONLY round that could penetrate it was 7.92×52 fired at 25 meters and even then less than half penetrated. This is military grade armor. Please research the gear you are talking about before you make your video. Your testing is good for game knowledge but your lack of research on the equipment mixed with your input on how things should and shouldn't be is bad for the game and community.

  6. Woah, as someone who snipes a lot I'm actually suprised at the 4 shots to the fort. Thanks for sharing this! I knew it was tough but not this tough. I agree with you, 2 shots with the bolts.

  7. I would not say it was the video. We knew the slugs needed work, and we had already been working on them. The thing is lots of things that people are just now mentioning have already been known and en route. But EFT has very complicated systems so some things take more time than others. Thank you for the video!

  8. I think its incorrect that buckshot defeats armor better than a slug. They have essentially the same amount of force down range, except the slug is all concentrated in one spot while the buckshot spreads out over a larger area, meaning it wont be as good at penetrating. To make slugs take 3x more shots than buckshot to defeat fort just seems ridiculous to me.

    I guess a huge problem with the way tarkov currently deals with armor is that they count the whole thing as one piece. As in, if you shoot someone in the back of their fort, it somehow magically also damages the front and sides of their fort. I think they should make it so fort is registered as being made up of a bunch of tiny sections. So a buckshot blast would spread out over their whole chest and hit multiple different sections, damaging each one a little but not defeating the entire armor. While on the other hand a slug would just hit a single section hard, giving you a higher chance to defeat that section of armor and hurt the person wearing the armor


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