Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Byleth DLC Review

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Byleth DLC Review for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, reviewed by Brendan Graeber on Nintendo Switch.

Byleth can’t help but feel a little bland when standing among the mechanically-diverse lineup of other DLC fighters – but their straightforward moves can still give you something to believe in.

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27 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Byleth DLC Review

  1. This character could have easily been a monster hunter character with all the weapons/attacks the exact same. Shame Nintendo just wanted to promote their fire emblem game

  2. The Smash community is not the worst fanbase ever, but it is the most ungrateful fanbase ever.

    I hated Byleth's reveal, I'm not going to force myself to like Byleth, it's the first newcomer reveal in Ultimate that I didn't like, the biggest problem for me was timing, they should have saved Byleth for another month, but with 82 characters already in the game and 6 more DLC characters coming, there's no need to complain.


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