Super Mario Maker 2 – Story Mode w/ Level Reviews – Postgame 6 – Brain Straining

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We solve puzzles without a hint coin in sight.
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32 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker 2 – Story Mode w/ Level Reviews – Postgame 6 – Brain Straining

  1. "SMM Whatever, huh? Quite a title for the events… huh? Oh, sorry, this is your beloved commentator, Feltzer! On the scene, yet slick and mean. Let's begin the usual analysis, shall we? For our first contender tonight, I can't help but notice it got a Decent, and Skawo is usually something of having a fondness for puzzles. A little strange, but moving on. Surprisngly enough, that no-jump snow level actually fared well enough in the judge's eyes to earn a Silver. The last also earned a Bronze for their efforts tonight. Now, then, the tally, please?

    *No Contest: 0 | *Hot Garbage: 3 | *Meh: 10 | Decent: 11 | Exceeds Expectations: 4 | *Excellent: 0

    Two Decents and an EE, now that's what you call pretty [REDACTED] good, don't you agree? What? I can't say "f[REDACTED]ing?" as this is a family-friendly event? WELL, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT! Uhh, Feltzer, signing off. Adios, amigos, I gotta go talk to the broadcasters about this censoring."

  2. (8:55) You can still jump as long as you don’t touch the ground afterwards, hence the claw’s placement at the end. Even though it implies you’re not allowed to jump, you technically can once.

  3. (8:548:59) Not quite, you ARE allowed to jump, but only once, and you MUST end the level before you land on the ground after said jump, getting caught in the claw does not count as landing on the ground, so, as such, can allow for you to jump again to reach the tape once its at its highest.

  4. It would be interesting if one of those theme-switching levels has something that was possible in different ways depending on the style, or where you take a thing from one to affect the other. Say you put Bob-ombs in a desert and pows in an ice world, and you needed to use the bombs to get the pows because they froze over with ice blocks or something, and you use the pows for a thing in the desert.


    Excellents:………………………… 8
    Exceeds Expectations:…. 14
    Decents:…………………………. 40
    Mehs:……………………………… 32
    Hot Garbage:…………………. 18
    No Rating:………………………… 1

  6. Perhaps my liking of the Dry Bones shell level was entirely the result of Stockholm syndrome. I had died to it so many times and kept learning new things about the powerup each time, it stuck with me.

    …Evidently, I think I did the Boo puzzle wrong, too: I think I just got lucky with a shell shot.

    Oh well, I suppose!

  7. 8:50 The Claw is to help you to reach the top of the goal gate. The condition to beat the level is "reach the goal without landind after leaving the ground", so you can jump and grap the claw, but you will fail if you touch the ground again.

  8. 3:26 nice Z-order issues nintendo. mario's in front of the saw but the platform he's on is behind the saw.
    edit: just remembered this isn't NSMB. layering issues would be the correct term.

  9. No jumping puzzles seem to be the best of the bunch, as it forces the makers of the stages to create new ways to help players clear levels without jumping and landing at least once.


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