Super Mario Maker 2 Direct DISCUSSION! (Story Mode, Online Multiplayer, Night Themes, & Much More!)

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The Super Mario Maker 2 has come and gone, revealing so much more content in the game! Story Mode, Online Multiplayer, Co-op creation, Night Themes, more items, and so much more! We talk about all this and more in our latest Mario discussion!

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32 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker 2 Direct DISCUSSION! (Story Mode, Online Multiplayer, Night Themes, & Much More!)

  1. I wonder what the 6th style of Mario game they're going to adding if it ever gets developed. We got Mario 1, 3, World, U & now 3D World. What's the 6th one will be? 64? Galaxy ? Maybe Odyssey? All of that will be really an good option because this game adds alot of promises.

  2. Here's what I want to know regarding the physics in the game. As we know there are see-saws in the game. Could we place a see-saw so that when Mario steps on one of the far ends of the see-saw so that it is unbalanced, could we have it so that a thwomp comes down on the opposite end and essentially gives Mario a cherry bump (like you did back in school on the playground see-saw) and possibly shoot him in the air. I know you could do this type of physics with Breath Of The Wild but I feel like you could potentially do so really cool things if this type of realistic physics is in place.

  3. I mean, let's be real here, carrying mechanics have been in Mario games other than Mario 2. Mario 3 and by extension, Mario Maker in all styles but Mario 1 I believe, you could carry things. So I don't think that really gives us any idea for the next style.

  4. Something which is bothering me and I hear no one mentioning is that the digital voice from the SMM1's editor which says the name of the placed object to the tune of the music is missing instead having a generic click sfx. I say this because the SMM1 trailer from 3 MONTHS before it's release had it shown where as we have no indication of that here sadly when it's closer.

    If it does not come back I will be sad and heavily disappointed at Nintendo for removing it.

  5. No mention that the question block (and probably other blocks) still has the !-icon when there's an item in it, instead of using a picture of the item? That is still annoying, as you have to remember or check it, instead of just looking at the icon.


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