Star Wars Episode 9: Colin Trevorrow Confirms the Leak is REAL! – IGN Now

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Director Colin Trevorrow has seemingly confirmed that the Star Wars: Duel of the Fates script is legitimate after leaked concept art from his axed version of Episode IX surfaced online.


37 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode 9: Colin Trevorrow Confirms the Leak is REAL! – IGN Now

  1. Okay seriously to all my fellow star wars fan's what would you want to see in a new batch of movies? I personally would want to go back to the age of Jedi whether by going backwards in time or forwards. My hope would be to see the focus on a lot of Jedi with obviously two protagonists but focus more on background Jedi then the prequel films did and its established that the High Repubilc Era was a time when Jedi activity was being seriously expanded throughout the galaxy i think that would be the perfect time to explore in the new movies.

  2. I don't care about that either the only thing i want is a reboot to the sequel trilogy now that i have read an article about what George Lucas had in mind for episodes 7-9 and it's way better than what we got

  3. I've read the entire article about certain key things from Collin's script on and after reading the entire thing, I say it's 10 times better than TROS. I'm sad i did not happen 🙁 ALL the cool stuff never happens anyway because the company decides to scrap them.


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