Speed vs Breezi | EU Salt Mine Qualifier | Rocket League 1v1

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Breezi has earned one upper bracket win, and now one lower bracket win as well. Whereas Speed lost his first round series, and has worked his way through two lower bracket matches. Today they face off to reach a qualifier match.

Some of the EU Salt Mine Qualifier matches will be uploaded here, and may be uploaded in a random order. Johnny is keeping the “best” matches for potential use on his main channel.

Check out the bracket as it really stands here:

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22 thoughts on “Speed vs Breezi | EU Salt Mine Qualifier | Rocket League 1v1

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  2. The qualification format you suggested (4 or 6 single elim tournaments, average result counts) has one big drawback. You need to play all tournaments, otherwise you are at a disadvantage. If you want people to play four tournaments, you'd need to offer at least 6 options so people can plan around their life to participate.

  3. Can we take a moment to appreciate that Speed didn't even go for 1 flashy shot the whole 4 games? This is what real 1s is about. Everyone going on about Comm and AztraL just cuz they have "the balls" to go for flashy shit. This is real rocket league


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