Sony ignores PSN Account Exploit, EA Bad Guys Disbelief, and Tinybuild DRM controversy with GOG!

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Welcome to this week’s Line of Sight! For this week we have Sony ignoring an account exploit that lets hackers make purchases through compromised accounts without any cvv information, EA Executive Vice President Matt Bilbey can’t believe that EA is perceived as being the bad guys, and Tinybuild Community Manager lands the company in hot water over GOG and their DRM free platform.

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Skip Intro: 01:10
EA Disbelief: 05:44
Tinybuild Controversy: 08:52

32 thoughts on “Sony ignores PSN Account Exploit, EA Bad Guys Disbelief, and Tinybuild DRM controversy with GOG!

  1. Just realized despite being sibbed since before the first video released, this is the first EG vidoe Ive seen in my feed in like 2+ months. Adjusted my notifications, too, for good measure.

  2. If you want to skip all the bacon forced meme bullshit cause it makes you cringe so hard you almost cry skip to 1:11
    Seriously Sid shut up about it. It's bad enough that if I want to support Jeremy I have to hear your voice and be reminded of all the awful waffling videos you made on your channel.

  3. Sony has made it clear for years that they don't care one whit about security unless it actually costs them. IIRC, their VP in charge of this stuff actually outright said that it was better to wait until something happened and deal with the fallout than to spend the time and money required to actually deal with security properly. Sony is not even vaguely trustworthy with anything involving data security.

  4. This reminds why I stopped preferring playstations for consoles.
    Had a $100 charge for fifa points “dont even own the game” when i contacted Sony Australia
    The support person said whats a playstation.
    I never got the money back and quickly removed my card from the account and changed to preferring xbox.

  5. I literally got hacked today from some asshole from Spain before I got my account backed. he changed my gamertag and deleted all my messages to me friends before I was able to get my account back. anyone know what that could be about?? I checked and no transactions were made on the account or with my credit card. oh and by the why if you couldn't tell from the video Sony support is actually fucking worthless

  6. This is why I never save my payment details on Sony and only have a card that has long since been expired on it. You can't trust them with their security issues.


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