Skier Tasks (12-16) Guide: Vitamins, Informed Means, Land Lease & Chumming – Escape from Tarkov

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This video covers Vitamins Part 1&2, Informed Means Armed, Land Lease and Chumming.

Vitamins Part 1: 0:50
Vitamins Part 2: 2:50
Informed Means Armed: 4:23
Land Lease: 6:20
Chumming: 8:50

These tasks were introduced in Patch 0.9 and subject to change.

Chemical Part 1-4 :

Gold Chain Farming:

Daily Streams:

Special thanks to all my community members who helped with these tasks!

38 thoughts on “Skier Tasks (12-16) Guide: Vitamins, Informed Means, Land Lease & Chumming – Escape from Tarkov

  1. For everyone, you can trade 3 gold chains for the customs key via therapist, I just had it pop up today for me. It wasn't mentioned in the video and I feel it could help since there are a lot of quests in there. Also I am not sure what LL you have to be with her as I am currently LL 3. Good luck!

  2. Dude i went into raids with my pmc prolly 100 times and could not find that MES key in the ambulance. I have so much money and im higher level now that i almost never scav anymore. I thought fuck it lets go in as a scav. Sure enough, first raid as a scav the MES key is sitting right there. So i tried it again with a different key i need that spawns in the locker rooms at the factory. Sure enough, first raid the key is there, after trying at least 50 times to try n find it in factory with my pmc. Im telling u guys theres ssomething to this. If your looking for a particular key go in as a scav. I dont know why but it seems like the keys have a higher chance of spawning when i go in as a scav.

  3. I remember playing older games refusing to follow guides as i felt it was like 'cheating'
    But my god… Imagine doing it for this game?

    "Oh. It's in a box… On this map… Maybe."

  4. It’s disturbing how hard these tasks are to complete without these walkthrough videos. I have no idea how deadly or others who makes these videos are able to figure out where to do what. The information given by the traders are mostly misleading in most cases. Are the devs giving out inside info to you streamers on how to complete these tasks or what?

  5. So many god dam keys. The grind is real. Also should have the option to breach doors with explosives to avoid the key hunt. But make the breach charge expensive and large to avoid spam.

  6. As a side note I have never found blood sets in medical bags etc I have however only seen them at the shelving unit by old gas station on customs where the wallet spawns in one of the warehouses

  7. Is anyone here old enough to remember what it was like waiting for an issue of Game Informer or Nintendo Power to come out featuring a walkthrough of your favorite game?

    I was considering how it's kinda a shame only the most hardcore Content creators and grinders will be the ones who have to figure these quests out the hard way, but then again spending 5 bucks on a magazine a couple months later doesn't sound very fun either lol.

  8. Bloodsets spawn on shelfs too! Like the industrial shelf on Customs Water Barrel Warehouse (next to old gas station). Also Skier is spying on Ragman cuz Ragman took his clothing merch.

  9. For Land Lease, the San 308 key spawns at woods in the workers cabins closest to the yotoda on the nightstand and opens the same room as San 306 for anyone that doesnt have Customs Key


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