Skier Tasks (1-9) Complete Guide – Escape from Tarkov

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This video covers all the Tasks for Skier (1 to 9) to help you get to royalty status as soon as possible.

**Massive thank you to theTStod and AyJayGee for assisting me with these tasks and even hooked me up with a 303 key when the drop chance was low.**

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22 thoughts on “Skier Tasks (1-9) Complete Guide – Escape from Tarkov

  1. Why is the flashdrive task 90% impossible? For the past couple months of nonstop flash drive hunting, I have NEVER seen a flashdrive ANYWHERE! Campsites, Tech store on Interchange, Laptops, computers…..the task should be called "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FLASHDRIVE"

  2. As of today (5.29.18) and with the new patch, the last part of chemical, you won't lose but 0.3 rep with therapist and skier but you'll lose almost everything you've had with prapor. Prapor also has the best rewards for completion. Cash and XP.


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