Shoreline Key Guide – Escape From Tarkov

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► Shoreline 3D map with keys:

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► List of keys on Shoreline:

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37 thoughts on “Shoreline Key Guide – Escape From Tarkov

  1. I know I'm missing a few keys here but I still haven't found the spawns for these, so if anyone knows feel free to share it with us. If you are looking for a specific key here are the timestamps:
    San.107 and San.216: 1:39
    San.226 and Storeroom: 2:15
    Safe key to San.321: 3:20
    San.104 and San.222: 3:54
    San.205 and San.219?: 4:36
    San.221: 5:38
    San.328: 5:59
    San.301: 6:39
    Cottage safe key: 6:55
    San.220: 7:15
    Cottage key: 7:44
    SMW Car Key: 8:20
    San.112: 8:51
    San.205 (East) and San.206?: 9:14
    San.306: 9:50
    San.314: 11:18


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