Shaking Up Teller Quest Guide Prapor Escape From Tarkov

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going to show you how to complete prapors quest shaking up teller by using the 203 and 214 key to find the bank case. 203 key can be found in room 214 to find 214 you need to search filing cabinets

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14 thoughts on “Shaking Up Teller Quest Guide Prapor Escape From Tarkov

  1. they need to give us something like ugrading hideouts and spend it for some permanet buffs for example, or to expand our storage because there are palyers like me who have blions of money and gear and cant even spend money anymore

  2. so ive done this quest twice already ive already had the 203 key on hand so i opened the door grabbed the case and extracted with it then it said i completed it then i went to turn it in and the was no ''complete'' buttonin the top middle of the screen like i had even done the quest and i did the same steps in another raid and still i couldnt turn in the quest. do i have to go into room 214 to complete itt?


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