Resident Evil 3 Drops Multiple Endings From the Original – IGN Now

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Capcom has revealed that Resident Evil 3 won’t have multiple endings and has also outlined a bunch of other changes the remake makes to the original game.

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35 thoughts on “Resident Evil 3 Drops Multiple Endings From the Original – IGN Now

  1. But the game will be way longer i dont see problems i trust Capcom now. If you guys really wanted multiple endings then so be it but i say the game is already finished

  2. In the original the "multiple endings" weren't a whole lot different tbh. And if that means we can play as Carlos for more than than a little segmant I am so down for that. Not a big deal

  3. I still insist this information is incorrect or misleading. I seem to remember that before RE2 remake was released there was news about Capcom removing the B scenarios from the game yet we got them. I'll wait for the release of this game to see what made the cut or not.

  4. Well people didn't like how the different scenarios in RE2 remake were exactly same so it's understandable why they ditched them in RE3 but that doesn't mean that there couldn't be totally new ones made from the ground up

  5. I just listen to “critics” for their opinion. Idc about decimals and their “scoring scale” Re2 remake is an easy 9/10 in their words. For those of you who say “who listens to ign anymore?” Not all of us are on here for the same reasons


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