Red Dead Redemption 2 – Part 15 "EXPLORATION" (Gameplay/Walkthrough)

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28 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 – Part 15 "EXPLORATION" (Gameplay/Walkthrough)

  1. the hitching isn't derpy if u know how to do it and not run into while ur trying to hitch your horse lol….the reason why ur horse was running like that in valentine is because u cant full gallop in a town, just hold a till ur out of the town boundaries

  2. the killed the guys shooting at the people building the house and the people were mad at me for some reason…it took some time before I could come back to see their progress without being escorted out of the property lol

  3. Love your videos keep up the good work i have been subscribed to you since you had 452 subscriber's keep that good work up dude and i watched all your videos and liked all your videos also i was your 123th follower on twitch keep that grind up my dude much love <3


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