Red Dead Redemption 2: All 9 missable animals on Guarma Island (Chapter 5)

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Red Dead Redemption 2: All 9 missable animals on Guarma Island (Chapter 5) RDR2

1.Scarlet Macaw
2. Blue and Yellow Macaw
3. Great Green Macaw
4. Red-Footed Booby
5. Rainbow Boa
6. Sunglow Boa
7. Red-Tailed Boa
8. Fer-De-Lance Snake
9. Green Turtle
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32 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2: All 9 missable animals on Guarma Island (Chapter 5)

  1. HOW 2 REDISCOVER GUARMA THE EASY WAY; Replay The Mission where you must Save Javier, with Dutch.. you'll take out some guards then get to the Sugar Factory… you sabatoge the factory an Dutch asks you to wait outside… you Now can just jump over the cement wall outside an walk thru the whole island while Dutch waits…. BUT the only catch is YOU CAN NOT FIRE YOUR WEAPON!.. STRICTLY STEALTH!!.. or you alert the guards an start from check point… but… mos Def the easiest way to go back and Study animals you've missed!

  2. There is actually an easier way to find the fer de lance snake
    If you go into the sugar cane fields, wait a couple of minutes, there's a way higher chance of it spawning than at the boa location

  3. ATTENTION!!: For everyone struggling to find any snakes

    (This worked on ps4). Check the location shown in the video, save then restart the game. When you start again go check the same location. Once you find, study, track, kill and then skin it; go ahead and save and then restart the game again. Also if you find a snake you've already discovered, just restart the game again. It worked for me, hope this helps!

  4. And just like that… Rockstar abandond solo game fixes and the only fucking thing they fix is the gold bar glitch and the horse spawn glitch by Saint Denis…Way to go R*! Also, this game turned out to be not completionist friendly at all….

  5. Sadly the spawn points are different between this video and the xbox one version because i followed this video and did not find any snakes. I stead my snakes spawned on a hill above the camp.


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