Raided By Battlestate | Escape From Tarkov

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MarkstromTV presents a tarkov night raid after being raided by battlestate games where he squad wipes on the escape from tarkov factory map during the escape from tarkov 0.12 patch.

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16 thoughts on “Raided By Battlestate | Escape From Tarkov

  1. From all the EFT gameplays I’ve seen I’ve never seen someone so willing to teach while playing. This has just as much good tips as a clickbait vid and great gameplay.
    Keep it up man. New supporter here

  2. Good stuff man! Way to dominate. I love watching your stream and vids! Out of curiosity, is it a possibility you can move your camera overlay? Other viewers and I would really like to be able to see what gun your using while you play. (Obviously this was a vss in this vid, but it's not always obvious and its nice to be able to see the gun/build when your in your inventory)

  3. I enjoy players like you with karma in mind leaving the loot of lower players that's most likely insured, I try to do the same. For what you gain to what they lose doesn't feel satisfying to me. I know some will say well that's part of Tarkov but to each their own you know.


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