PS5, Xbox Series X Power Increase Is ‘Substantial’ – IGN Now

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During an investors call, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen said the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are “substantially greater” than current consoles.


20 thoughts on “PS5, Xbox Series X Power Increase Is ‘Substantial’ – IGN Now

  1. There is no point to buy the new consoles, games are not even gonna utilize fully the ps4 pro, xbox one x… all games are held back by the base old version of consoles. It is 10 times cpu power they have to design maps, ai, everything to have backward compatiblity…
    Real nextgen game will come out in 3years.

  2. I just want more interactivity in games. Games in the last few years have looked better and better but they're just window dressing with almost zero depth. I want to be able to pick more stuff up, break more materials. Let's get back to physics in games like Red Faction: Guerilla and the Just Cause franchise.

  3. I've been a PlayStation fan since I got my VERY first PlayStation console at age 5 in 1995, that being said I am extremely excited for the PS5! I'm sure graphics will be BETTER but I am more interested in the gameplay and the depth of the world's were playing in!! An example is GTA5 was created from the ground up for PS3/Xbox 360, can you imagine a GTA game developed solely for PS4/xbone consoles? The size of the world's are great but I hope next gen we see those world come more alive with a bunch of NPC that actually serve as a real part of the game if you were to acknowledge them..the Xbox series x is said to have a slightly better GPU than the PS5 however it's said the PS5 with have more/better RAM combined with a BETTER SSD with more capacity. I can't wait to see how SCE implements the power of the PS5 with it's first party studios! We are in for some great gaming adventures!! Happy gaming 😁💨👍

  4. "Nintendo has proven to be the most daring and innovative console makers when it comes to valuing gameplay over graphics." IGN is getting their talking points from Nintendo PR.


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