Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Review

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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield reviewed on the Nintendo Switch by Casey DeFreitas.

31 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Review

  1. I agree, the games are a blast and, gameplay-wise, these are the best Pokemon games, BUT Sun & Moon had such a vibrant world and wonderful characters, I still ended up feeling like none of the new ones lived up to them. Plus, your option to be a snarky dipshit in S&M dialogue options was replaced with being an intentionally confusing weirdo, which is fine and funny, but it's not quite as funny.

    Still, easy 9/10. The biggest drawback is having to follow the best generation, gen 7.

  2. Me comes in to see this game to see if this is worthy to by.

    IGN convinces me.

    Comments says that there’re lying.

    Me researches other reviews

    Me not convinced that this a reliable source

    Convinced that Pokemon Sword and Shield is a lazy way to get money not buying it

  3. The sheep gym around the earky part of SS sums up the game: you're pushed down a straight line with few to no branching paths and you just keep rolling with no other goal than filling a check list

  4. Ign doesnt seem to understand

    They think that everyone liked that game so they give it a 9.3 BUT A GAME LIKE SUPERHOT (Its the most inovative shooter ive played in years you guy should try it) WITH SUCH AN AMAZING STORY AND AWESOME AND UNIQUE GUNPLAY GETS A 7!!!!!


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