Pokemon Home Price, Features, and Bank Comparison – IGN Now

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Nintendo finally dropped price and feature details for Pokemon Home. How is it different from Pokemon Bank? And will this solve Dexit?


45 thoughts on “Pokemon Home Price, Features, and Bank Comparison – IGN Now

  1. I am not sure if it is worth it for me, because I don't see myself using most of the features. I just wanted to send over some pokemon from Let's Go and eventually Pokemon Go when that feature is available(I read on the site it wouldn't be at launch). Depends on if the BP feature is worth it. I don't see myself sending over many Pokemon because I caught most of the pokemon already and i'm pretty sure i'll just catch them all in the expansion pack. If it was like it's own game then maybe, but I will have to wait till it comes out to see how useful the features are to me, because i'm not pressed about national dex or trading a bunch of Pokemon.

  2. Can't wait when they gonna ask money for every special pokemon or rare pokemon transfer lol. Wanna transfer Articuno to a friend 20$ usd. Xd wanna transfer diglet with ditto. 10$ usd per fransfer.

  3. Lol i remember When Sword and Shield First came out and I immediately seen the scumbagness that was this game , Lol, I was literally telling defenders that sword and shield was a disappointment and a cash grab

  4. As annoying as it is, none of this is really all that surprising. They're a company and wanna make money. Not defending it by any means, but it's nothing to be surprised about really.

  5. the sad part is, pokemon will be on the top charts regardless of this type of scams, its funny because yesterday i was watching a review of darwin project and people where complaining for the lack of microtransactions…
    Thats what we get for purchasing half done games at full price.

  6. This is so irrelevant to the topic but is it me & my old eyes or does it look like there voices are out of sync with there mouths moving ??? I thought it was my telly at first lagging a bit but when I watch it on something else I still notice it ???

  7. Oh wait, it's just 16€ instead of 5€ per year, including so many features: Wonder Box Trading, GTS, Room Trade, National Pokédex, Judge Function, Mystery Gift, etc. Nice, right? But oh wait wasn't all that normally included in the base Pokémon game that used to cost 45€ a game instead of the 60€ SW/SH costs?

  8. if I buy a subscription but then after a few months the sub expires, where will go the pokemon deposited on pokemon home? since with the free version you can only have 30 pokemon

  9. In my day you could keep your Pokemon on the game you were playing. Then when a new game came out you could transfer your Pokemon to that. It was heaven ❤️ I'm always gonna love Pokemon but it's going in a direction I probably won't support anymore.


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