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Sony has announced it will be skipping E3 again in 2020. This is the second year in a row that PlayStation will miss E3. While Sony hasn’t announced its plans for 2020, the last North American fan event hosted by them was back in 2017.

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37 thoughts on “PlayStation Will Not Be at E3 2020 – IGN Now

  1. It's starting to looked like someone really high up at Sony is butthurt that the disaster of a conference they had a couple years ago wasn't appreciated for it's lack of games, weird music, or the huge interruption after one premiere

  2. WOW… Sony is gonna have a busy year! Those dozen, I mean, hundreds of events they're doing along with the 3 State Of Plays! With the hype for the PS5 from all those events I'm SURE they will sellout globally on day 1!

  3. Sony skipped E3 2019 because they said they had nothing new and exciting to show off. This year is crucial for the next-gen and between hardware and titles they would have plenty to show, why skipping it again then? The value of E3 is also decreasing because of this, each year other companies are leaving it. Microsoft is one of the few that are still participating. Guess it will all be about privately-held media briefings from now on.

  4. I’m not disappointed at all. I think this is a smart decision made by Sony as they haven’t really got anything new to announce at E3 but the PS5 is possibly going to be announced sometime soon

  5. They're just trying to build hype but I don't know why as everybody is hyped for tlou2 anyway. Just release the game when they say it's not ready yet I don't believe that at all from what they've showed it's clearly very polished.

  6. I don’t mind that since E3 is in the other side of the world, i prefer that Sony invest more on the online experience like game of play and such


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