PlatinumGames Would Love to Finish Scalebound — But There’s a Catch – IGN Now

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PlatinumGames is getting another crack at The Wonderful 101 via Kickstarter. The developer would also like to go back to Scalebound, their high-profile project that was to be published by Microsoft, until it was canceled.

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27 thoughts on “PlatinumGames Would Love to Finish Scalebound — But There’s a Catch – IGN Now

  1. I think the problem was the base xbox one model at the time they developed the game….. It just wouldn't run well on the system….. But now its the perfect time for scalebound with the new Xbox console on the horizon…..this would be an awesome exclusive game for the new console

  2. Scalebound getting canceled is what made me drop Xbox. Xbox One was my first Xbox and they canceled every game I was looking forward too. I’m PlayStation all the way now. Microsoft should just sell the right to games they don’t want to PlayStation so that people can actually play those games.

  3. I dont understand why microsoft wouldnt. I mean if the IP is doing nothing at all or even generating anything then give it away as it's of no use to MS. That's the honourable thing to do.

  4. Both companies were at fault platinum games wasn't even working in scalebound with the money provided and Microsoft also tainted the relationship. Now it's more possible than ever


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