[PATCHED] Roblox Emote Dances | How to beat Scenario obby

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The easiest way to defeat the Scenario obby in under 6 minutes! You do need some requirements to defeat the obby.

Play Emote Dances!

Check out this nice kid’s video that is inspired by me from this video!

33 thoughts on “[PATCHED] Roblox Emote Dances | How to beat Scenario obby

  1. I have bad news… the glitch is patched now and there is probably no easy way I’m pretty sure. The glitch lasted for a good amount of weeks. I did grew up really fast from 48 to 325 subscribers. I didn’t expect this video to get really popular too! I’m glad I helped you guys get the Scenario emote! 😀

    Edit: If you got the Scenario emote by doing this glitch, DO NOT say it in the Emote Dances Discord Server because a salty admin wiped my inventory (I hope I keep my Turk Dance/Dance Moves) when he patched the glitch and I said I got the Scenario emote with the glitch. So, DO NOT SAY IT IN THE EMOTE DANCES DISCORD SERVER!


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