Patch 11.7 Health, Stress Resistance and Vitality leveling guide | Escape from Tarkov

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This guide focuses on the fastest way to level Health and Stress Resistance in patch 11.7.

Credits to like_45_ninjas on My Twitch:

My PC-Specs:

i9-9900k 8x 3,6GHz

2080 Ti

Corsair h150i PRO Watercooler

G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x16GB 3200MHz

Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero Gaming Mainboard

EVGA 650 GQ 80+ Gold 650W

27 thoughts on “Patch 11.7 Health, Stress Resistance and Vitality leveling guide | Escape from Tarkov

  1. This seems legit, in a game based on realism according to that moron Nikita, we attempt to avoid suicide by leaping off a tall structure, then once we are crippled we decide to turn ourselves into Spawn by deliberately burning to death. However to keep it in Nikita’s real world we use these magical medical bags to stay alive that are also coincidently fire proof.
    Priceless ? this Nikita is like the typical spoiled brat who likes to be dungeon master every time, gives himself extra xp and items and changes the rules to suite himself. Or the ?? that always plays monopoly and insists on being the banker and ending up with more money than everyone else.
    This game is fast becoming a joke and It’s not like it’s rocket science, games have been correctly implementing RPG, strategy and hardcore realism for years add all this to the games technical problems this game is destined to fail.

  2. Guys it still works, just make sure your painkiller has ran out before you start damaging yourself on the fire or you will not gain stress resistance exp while under the effects of the painkiller.

  3. I loved this game. But the direction that it's currently going is fine but the state of the game is shit. All I can do is wait. These types of videos should not really need to be a thing. Hopefully the full release is polished….. I doubt the game will release though.
    If there's no wipes then the game will slowly die. So it looks like the current "beta" you pay for is the finished product.

  4. I tried the video as soon as it came out and it worked well, now when I get on the fire I die immediately. I cannot understand why it is so difficult to increase the ability to resist stress. They have to solve this problem, make it a little easier!

  5. AFAIK, It does not work anymore with the latests patch(or there is a non-obvious detail). Insta death is the result. It is my experience and on reddit other people confirmed the same.


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