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In this video I share my advice on preparing for a wipe and some things I do on patch day to give me a solid start. Hopefully this will help you guys out and make early wipe a bit less hectic! What are your wipe day tips?

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39 thoughts on “PATCH 0.12 | MY WIPE DAY TIPS | Escape from Tarkov | TweaK

  1. Early wipe is the only time you should be using mp5/mpx/pp19. Once face shields and good armor is everywhere youre screwed.

    And bang out tasks and levels as fast as possible.

  2. What i recommend to do, if you have a friend, sell all your stuff gama, and everry single item you have, reset acc, give money to your friend until you reset acc, tell your friend to do same thing.

  3. Around the patch for shoreline map I didn’t uninstall and somehow ended up with two separate versions of tarkov , literally was stuck in offline on both versions and had issues fully getting the old version deleted , fr guys delete the game and everything even the window tab icon

  4. I just bought this game with standard edition, and I feel like most my time is spent rearranging my stash. It bothers me how there is no good way to upgrade my stash w/o upgrading and spending money

  5. So, when would y'all expect wipes to end for good? I stopped playing the game, because even though I love it, having to run around with no armor and shittiest weapons for hours on end due to wipes effectively killed my motivation to play.

  6. Every wipe, the VEPR-136 is always my friend against those with level 3 armor early on. Then fully make the transition to the AK-74 when I get BT OR BS ammo. I would love to use the SKS early wipe, but I would like stripper clips for a faster reload rather than loading round by round mid-fight.


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