NOOBS HAVE NO IDEA // SEA OF THIEVES – These noob pirates have no idea what to do!

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There’s a huge difference between new players, and noobs. New players are learning the game. Noobs simply don’t know how to play games.

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50 thoughts on “NOOBS HAVE NO IDEA // SEA OF THIEVES – These noob pirates have no idea what to do!

  1. Because of how xbox and microsoft works. most player's will not be able to hear you if they are on pc. its not just a option in game to fix. Got to do Microsoft privacy settings for pc, and that is on windows option in stead. so they not being able to hear you can be for that reson.

  2. It's worse with a gallon full of noobs I had 3 new players light up the fort and they had no idea what to do so they locked me in the brig there mics where so bad it gave me a headache can't complain I too was just like them

  3. I play sea of thieves alone, so when I want to sail a gallon I use the open crew option. There is no worse feeling in this game then being surrounded by skeleton ships while you're alone on a galeon, only to see someone bearing the sailor title join your crew.

  4. this reminds me when my friend and i, after the Anniversary update, decided to just go to a trading post to fish cause we finished our quest and wanted to fish. so we're standing there minding our own business when a gally rolls up and starts firing at our sloop. now usually we'd be 'gotta fight back' but these guys? they were clearly people who had no idea what to do cause they didn't even put holes into the bottom of our ship just the mid deck so it took forever for our sloop to sink. we just went and got our new sloop, sailed back and while i shot their ship with cannonballs my friend killed them so they couldn't fix their gally. sunk them in like a minuet, got an angry message asking why we did that and i laughed my ass off. we would have left them alone if they had left us alone.

    or the one time a new player started to attack us and then follow us when we sailed off. we had some kegs in the crows nest so i started to sail for the pointy rock you can sail through to thread the needle. my friend understanding what i was doing went and got the keg and as soon as i passed through he dropped it, and by drop it i mean accidentally fall off the end of the ship. i sail a little bit away and stop and i'm saying to him 'no way they're going to fall for it, it's obvious!' but they did. and they had not stored their powder kegs in the crows nest cause the explosion that happened was amazing since my friend was there to watch it. my friend and i were laughing so much we had tears in our eyes.

  5. This is just a diff form of griefing. Pretty sad if that is what you have gotten off too so soon after going 100% content creator. In order for a game to grow and get better, you need a constant flow of new players. If anything we should be fostering new player growth so they become formidable pirates. Maybe that could be the content.

  6. I remenber when me and my crew were chasing and sinking everything we found on the server as a gally.
    at the end of our night we started to chase a sloop and sunk him, and it turned out he had tons of tressure, we watched him try to save it all in a rowboat for 5min.
    nice and easy we told him to hand over the contraband, he told us his haul would most likely bring him to lvl 10 with most factions, Clearly very proud of his haul, so as we had an entire day of ganking everybody we showed mercy, docked his rowboat to our ship, told him to suicide and bring his sloop to us, ( Reaper flag) so he could ally with us and then by himself turn in the worth of our ship aswell, somewhere around 4-5 forts and 2 skelly fleets, ive never heard a guy more happy XD

  7. Although these videos are highly amusing the thing I find slightly annoying is that everybody has to start as a noob. This game has no instructions so you learn as you play. We’ll always take advantage of these new pirates but maybe educating them on the way of the high seas would be better. Great video Falcore.

  8. Adendum: Noobs don't like it when you tell them how to play the game and will ignore your advice. Whereas, new players want to learn how to play and are quite happy to accept your help/advice.

  9. Love you dude but I'm never trusting you with taking care of my cats for the weekend. 0_0 I'm going to come home and find them all in dresses practicing Phantom of the Opera.


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