Nintendo Isn’t Worried About PS5, Xbox Series X – IGN Now

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Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa isn’t worried about competition from the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Sony and Microsoft’s announcements did not have any major negative effect on the Switch’s holiday 2019 sales.

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32 thoughts on “Nintendo Isn’t Worried About PS5, Xbox Series X – IGN Now

  1. This has never been news. Nintendo has never been a direct competitor to Xbox and PlayStation. They've always done their own thing and that's fine. Why is this being reported on?

  2. Of course not.
    They barely use the 32gb cards yet alone the 64gb ones.
    Not to metion basically everything on ps4 and xbox that isnt tied to sony or microsoft on a deal of some kind will get a switch port.
    Nintendos 4k VR machine isnt going to be ready till mid gen around 2025.

  3. Yale it really shouldn't be worried because you get ready got two great console. We have the original and the light we were free to go the original. The new one and then the light but I have the light. I love it. But it's going to a part where? I want to play games on my TV. So as much as I love it. 800 mode and I love the whole way it works. I wish. I could trade it in for the OG switch. Because right now it's like Oh baby if the screen. Was Big R? They do have the bezels. I understand why they're there is because they put extra screen over it. But still if they could make the screen. I guess. The same size as The O'Jays Rich wish they could have then maybe me cooling a switch. No. I'll basically quartet. A heavily modified Game Boy no a heavy modified Wii U. Yeah, that's simple.

  4. damn if they won't release a new console til 2023 then it better be at least as powerful as the xbox one X. but anyways they shouldn't be worried since they have their own hardcore fans who don't care about power and power isn't everything when it comes to the switch. it's a very unique console

  5. When Nintendo needs a new system, I'd be perfectly happy with a next-gen Switch with backwards compatibility with the Switch we know and love today.

    Nintendo Switch Series 2.

  6. Nah, Nintendo found their perfect place in gaming at the moment. Sony and Microsoft have their competition and Nintendo is riding the wave of success of an awesome handheld that also switches to a console I have been told ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For me, I use the Switch 99.99% in handheld. I have a PS4 and Xbox One X for graphically intensive gaming.

    I don't care about graphics when playing in handheld. This how I use the Switch. Unless Sony and Microsoft come out with a competitive handheld, Nintendo just reaps the benefits of porting games over and making their own exclusive games.

  7. Once next gen consoles release, Nintendo will be a category of it's own since it will be considered a last gen console. Whatever numbers come from sales will become irrelevant and won't have nothing to do with Xbox and PS.

  8. Nintendo doesnโ€™t give a damn about being worried, but then, Doug Bowser said more games that are classic, outside of Xbox One and PS4 games to be exactly on the switch

  9. Hopefully Nintendo is making Metroid Prime 4 with the "Pro" in mind…4K higher resolution textures, and 60, or 120Hz, and then reduced for the Switch,. So when the Switch Pro (or whatever they call it) is released then the games can scale up to utilize these high quality assets and run at a higher frame rate.


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