Mortal Kombat 11 – Baraka has a New Savage Variation!

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Baraka Grows Stronger with Every Update! His New Variation has Mix-ups and Screen-Carry than Ever Before! He can Now Win in Just 3 Mix-ups! Let’s Look at Why this New Variation is So Great!

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20 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 11 – Baraka has a New Savage Variation!

  1. Hey underdawg, why not make a tier list about characters custom variations? I know it’s practically useless to people for competitive, but it would be pretty interesting to see who would be op if they had custom variations.

  2. Blade Charge is Great after a foward throw which also has a krushing blow. It gives baraka a 50/50 on wake up. The opponnet cant move after the throw because blade charge is the perfect distance with the threat of a krushing blow. So you throw the blade charge after a throw for damage or they respect it and block on wake up which give you time to dash and jump in for free after your foward throw

  3. Baraka still needs something to get around cheap ass Jade, Scarlett, and kitana. (Especially fucking Jade). I feel he should either have a faster walk speed or give him at least on armor when the flag is out. The flag needs to have more reasons to risk putting it out. Speaking of flag… why isn't the swing out flag not part of the variation. ( the part where he actually hits you with the flag before putting it down)?????

  4. I know one use for blade charge. You can do it after his f4,4 brushing blow. His gutted variation cannot follow up on it and his second variation can do blood lunge after it. I haven't tested if baraka-serker can hit after it however, if it can then blade charge has no real use


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