Monster Hunter World Iceborne | Level 4 Decorations & Combo Skills Explained

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Here’s a look at some level 4 decorations in Monster Hunter World Iceborne and how the combo skills work.
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21 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World Iceborne | Level 4 Decorations & Combo Skills Explained

  1. TIP if you wish to grind lvl 4 deco easy. Every week there is event to collect either hard fruit in wildspire or in rotten vale etc if you build botanist geologist skill you finish the quest in roughly 1 min 30 sec and you have guaranteed deco reward. When you finish quest go back to CAMP not HQ speak to handler and do it again its great for begginers

  2. 0:50 I think there's 118 skills that have jewels in the game (before Iceborne's release).
    If all skills can have a level 4 jewel that's either doubled or a combo skill that equals:
    118 double skill jewels + Sum(1, 117) combo jewels = 7021. Obviously too high as some skills only have 1 point and this seems WAY too high for normal RNG.
    Assuming level 4 combos must contain a level 1 jewel skill:
    57 double jewels (I think Fortitude is the only single point level 1 jewel) + Sum(1, 56) level 1 pairs + 58 * 60 level 1 and level 2/3 pairs = 5133. Still REALLY high so there might only be a select amount of skills that can pair up together.
    The take away, there's proabably a magnitude more of new jewels.

  3. The best lvl 4 jewel I've found so far is Brace/Vitality. I try to put at least one point of Brace in every set to prevent staggering from teammates, and I often like going for three in Vitality for that sweet +50 health, so it's perfect for any of my builds.


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