Metabolism Leveling Guide – Escape from Tarkov

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This video will show you the most effective way to level metabolism. Metabolism is one of the more important soft skills in EFT because it will allow you to level other skills more efficiently.

This guide works as of Escape from Tarkov Patch (0.4.586).

31 thoughts on “Metabolism Leveling Guide – Escape from Tarkov

  1. Note that this no longer works. You only level up metabolism based on the hydration/energy you actually replenish. Any excess food/drink gives no experience.

    The fastest way to level now is get your stomach blacked out so you constantly lose hydration and then just stick around for ages drinking whenever you get low, which is pretty slow for a power-leveling method and isn't really worth your time.

    You might as well just buy cheap pineapple juice from Therapist and bring one along with you on every raid to drink before you exfil.

  2. This video is out of date. You can no longer spam-eat food to increase your metabolism skill. The only way to increase your metabolism skill now is to wait until you're hungry and or thirsty, then eat. This has resulted in metabolism becoming one of the hardest skills to level-up, and with every giving level you increase your metabolism by, you also increase the buff that "decreases energy consumption and dehydration rate." resulting in needing even less food and water during a raid the higher level you are. I find this system to be rather bullshit, as I refuse to level any other skill until I have maxed-out metabolism so I no longer lose points for simply not playing the game for a few days. DeadlySlob, you should add (OUT-OF-DATE METHOD) to the title of the video to stop people getting confused and not only wasting their time but also wasting their money on food that will take days if not weeks to use.

  3. DeadlySlob, I ate a gamma container, Tri-Zip and Blackrock vest full of the Iskra Lunch box and got absolutely no XP at all. I'm pretty sure this is patched. Would love to see a new guide on how to do it now that this method doesn't work. <3

  4. Deadly just too let you know, if you buy the cans of Pacific Saury it offer a bigger point boost then the Lunchboxes that you buy. and it way more cost efficient as well. Just wanted to give you a heads up on this if you would like to make a small change to process. Me and my friend here have been running the math on it and the Saury is slightly better and more cost efficient

  5. i did a full rig+pilgrim of the exact lunchboxes you used and its not giving me xp after i eat one but sometimes it would give me a whole level, did the devs change this at all?

  6. Easiest one to level was stress skills. Metabolism is just pain, I ate like 10 cans of food, some MREs and Lunch box and 2 water bottles, 2 pineapple juices and more slickers and croutons etc, well I moved slowly from level 14 to 15 hmm 14 was already half way up. Vitality is worst though and strength never got my strength up even before wipe.

  7. heey i just want to know what you think about this part of the EULA
    "any code and/or Software that wasn’t directly authorized by Battlestate Games and can be used in connection with the Game launcher Application, the Game and/or any component or functions of the Game launcher Application, the Game to modify and/or facilitate gameplay."
    and that people get banned for just having a program running on there computer that battlestategames dont like

  8. Please can you contact devs and tell them to make the game more realstic because today i got hit coount on no geared hatchet runner 4 shoots from 3 meters distance in stomach and he still didnt died. It also happens once with vepr i dont know why is that but its anoying, and it wasnt lag because i did hit him and it showed me on scoreboard.


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