MCU Phase 4 Theory: Black Widow Is Setting Up an Avengers-Level Villain – IGN Now

MCU Phase 4 Theory: Black Widow Is Setting Up an Avengers-Level Villain - IGN Now

2020 has turned out to be kind of a bust as far as new movie releases go, but we’re still hopeful we’ll see Black Widow arrive in theaters at some point later this year. After waiting so long for Natasha Romanov’s first solo MCU movie, what’s another few months?

While we continue waiting for Black Widow, we thought it might be fun to revisit an old but still very popular theory. While we know Taskmaster is making his MCU debut in Black Widow, is it possible he’s not the only major Avengers villain on tap? Could Black Widow be introducing the deadly android known as the Super-Adaptoid? Watch to see the evidence that Taskmaster is just the tip of the iceberg.


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  1. As much as I wanna see AIM and the Super-Adaptoid, doing this would ruin Taskmaster as a villain. His comic origin and abilities make him a much better villain for Black Widow

  2. I thought that Black Widow was already spoiled with some BIG twist people talk about on the internet.
    Doesn't Reddit already have the legit spoilers? This theory is one of many to judge. I think TaskMaster may NOT be a person because I don't know who the hell would remember that much moves and replicate them in seconds ;/ Like seriously: only androids can do that, not humans.

  3. Once the final trailer came out, I said Taskmaster is an Android controlled by Melina and Ross (as well as the whole red room program) as way to control governments and and profit off of simulated wars.

  4. Isn't the Super-adaptoid from the original x-men: Calvin Rankin? A mutant that tried to be heroic in the end? idk, I haven't read about the tech adaptoids except in DC comics. it would be cool if some of Natasha's friends and enemies from the wonderful first run of The Champions showed up eventually: Darkstar, Crimson Dynamo, Ghost Rider, Hercules, Rampage (his exo-skeleton is formidable as a competitor of stark, personally, I think the most cinematic and fascinating opponents would include, Silver Sable, Kraven, Winter Soldier (friend or foe?), Illyana or Piotr Rasputin, and/or Magneto/Magnus as Claremont envisioned him and with (Magnetos children) Wanda and Quicksilver as other comrades who suffered real oppression or did horrible things to survive as the Soviet Union were conquering The Third Reich yet there was much collateral damage in those soon to be Soviet-bloc nations where the Nazis where getting desperate and experimenting on humans and using occult arts and artifacts. (Dr. Doom seems to have been taken in by that temptation as well). Thanks ! (Khatia, Eva, and Una)

  5. I have been waiting for Marvel news from IGN and I get it IGN is a pop culture channel so I will give them an exception. As for Taskmaster as an Adaptoid no come on Rick Mason has been missing from every trailer and he has only been seen in the official poster I mean come on why be announced unless he is secretly the villain plus fun fact Super Adaptoid made it onto Watchmojo's list of worst Marvel villains.

  6. How dope is it gonna be when all these movies setup Apocalypse as the big Fantastic 4, Avengers, X-men and Spidey crossover big bad?

    SHIELD will likely assist with the Sinister 6. Magneto and Doom will give us proper trilogies of their respective franchises with (Ultron) level mid bosses like Silver Surfer, and Juggernaut.

    The next Thanos level threat will be Apocalypse…and then Galactus.

    Of course I am only guessing…but damn, Marvel is gonna be lit.

  7. Going to say no, this is a film set in between civil war and infinity war so makes no sense setting up a huge phase extending villain in a film like this especially linking to Xmen

    This is a send off film for Natasha as marvel finally realised shes a profitable star and this is to close off all plot threads for Natasha romanoff and to set up the new black widow with Florence Pugh as the new Loki antihero stereotype potentially for the rumoured thunderbolts

  8. The next three or four phases are gonna focus on villains and adapt the Dark Reign run with the Cabal as your big bad. They’ll introduce Mandarin and Doom; reintroduce the Leader and replace Norman Osborn with General Ross with his Thunderbolts replacing the Dark Avengers. Yelena will be Ross’s first recruit.

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