Marvel’s Avengers Delayed – IGN Now

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Marvel’s Avengers, the game developed by Crystal Dynamics, has been pushed back a few months. This joins another high-profile Square Enix-published game to be delayed this year: Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This makes April a very busy month, with Cyberpunk 2077 and the Resident Evil 3 remake releasing in the same window.

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44 thoughts on “Marvel’s Avengers Delayed – IGN Now

  1. Aww I’m so sorry that somehow final fantasy got pushed back 3 months from now, but for some reason the avengers game gets pushed back 8 MONTHS FROM NOW. I mean take your time and all that to please the fans but I’d rather know about the game when it officially releases instead of being baited till it comes out. Out of all things, it’s Avengers. Wow.

  2. As a gamer I am glad that games being developed don't have that Movie Industry 16.9 ratio of having black borders.
    It's beautiful having your big screen fill to the max with beautiful graphics.

    Still waiting for my Blu-ray Avengers Endame IMAX Edition Release😁

  3. Probably can think of a million reasons why they did that. They should’ve just cancelled it. Looks like a mobile game. Dialogue isn’t that great—and costumes look terrible


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